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The Real Self-Care

You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” before. It is a term we have have used in counseling for years, but it has recently become a hot topic on blogs and social media.

It is thrilling to hear so many people talk about taking care of their emotional and mental needs, but I’ve noticed that sometimes there is confusion about what good self-care should look like.

Self-care is a really broad term, but it means doing the things that will help you to be your best, healthiest self. They can be physical, emotional, or mental actions you take to improve your mood and well-being.

The best self-care consists of sustainable habits, not short-term stop gaps that could cause long term harm.

For example, going outside for a walk is something that is healthy and you can do regularly. Binge shopping may give you a temporary mood boost, but may cause you financial stress later. Since it has the potential to harm you and is not sustainable, it really is not a great form of self-care.

Self-care is not doing what you want, when you want without regard to obligations or consideration to those around you. Rather, it is about giving yourself the things you need in order to be able to do those things with minimal negative impact. Self-care is a practice that helps you achieve a balance between what you have to do and what makes you feel good.

Are you having trouble incorporating self-care into your life? Does achieving a balance between what makes you feel good and what you feel you have to do seem impossible? Call me at (773) 869-5066 to talk about how counseling can help you achieve your self-care goals.

woman with shopping bags
Shopping may be a fun way to blow of some steam, but is it good self-care?

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